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Hey! I’ve been working with WordPress for a while and recently switched to Elementor and Crocoblock plugins for my latest projects. These tools help me create awesome, and responsive websites. Join me in exploring how Elementor and Crocoblock make web development creative and functional. Let’s create websites that impress modern audiences!

This project is under development, I am using Elementor and Crocoblock plugins for this project.
I spearheaded Falck & Co’s website redesign as part of a broader identity campaign, focusing on a visual overhaul to align with the refreshed brand identity. Serving as the Web Developer, I utilized Elementor Pro, Crocoblock Plugins, and FTP tools to enhance user experience, upgrade functionality, and optimize content. The deployment process was executed seamlessly at midnight, resulting in a modern, functional website that garnered positive feedback for its fresh look and improved user experience. This project exemplifies my dedication to delivering innovative web solutions aligned with evolving brand identities.
Claessonkök website's demo picture.
During my tenure at Falck & Co, I spearheaded a transformative project for KMG, marking a significant milestone in the company’s five-decade history. This endeavor was a crucial part of an initiative to redefine the company’s visual identity and modernize its online presence. The main challenge was seamlessly integrating the new design with complex order registration and dispatch functionalities for KMG’s benefit. Through meticulous planning, I ensured a smooth and efficient user experience for both clients and internal stakeholders. Leveraging Elementor Pro and Jet plugins, I optimized the development process, allowing for rapid prototyping and enhanced user interaction. The final website was securely deployed using FTP tools, ensuring a seamless transition to its live environment. The successful execution of this project has had a profound impact on KMG’s online presence, providing a user-friendly platform for clients to interact with the brand, and streamlining order processing for improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Willa Nordic
In this project, I played a pivotal role in the later phase, refining and extending the dynamic websites using WordPress as the CMS, along with Elementor Pro and Jet Plugins. The goal was to amplify user interaction, combining captivating visuals with seamless functionality. This late-stage involvement allowed for further development, ensuring the websites met and exceeded client expectations for an engaging and user-friendly experience.
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