Front-End Projects

This project is a tech blog built with Next.js, Hygraph CMS, and GraphQL. Hygraph CMS enables easy content management and publication, while GraphQL provides a flexible API to query data. Server-side rendering by Next.js ensures fast loading times and optimal SEO performance. The blog covers a wide range of tech topics, and includes expert opinions and interviews. Its aim is to provide a platform for tech enthusiasts to share their ideas and opinions, and to inform and educate readers about the latest tech developments.
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This project uses Gatsby.js and WordPress to create a lightning-fast and easy-to-use website with reusable UI elements. By incorporating web components, we achieve faster development times, improved consistency, and easier maintenance, resulting in a powerful and scalable website that provides an excellent user experience for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their online presence.
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I developed an experimental webshop project for SNEAKEX, a sneakers shop, using React JS, TypeScript, and Bootstrap. The website is under development and will soon have Stripe integration for secure payments. I also utilized React context to manage the state of the website. The project features a homepage, product pages, and shopping cart functionality. Further developments are underway to make the website fully functional and responsive.
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Fullstack Projects

Shikton Webshop
The project I worked on is a web application built with React JS as the frontend framework, Strapi as the backend CMS, and Stripe as the payment gateway. The application is styled using Sass, a CSS preprocessor that provides a more efficient and flexible way to write CSS. The backend of the application is deployed on, a cloud platform that simplifies the deployment process with a user-friendly interface. The frontend is deployed on Firebase, a scalable and secure platform for web and mobile applications.